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  • Do you want to leverage and easily communicate your existing supply chain?
  • Are you able to plan a strategic supply chain and source strategically?
  • Would you like to establish a quality management system or a risk management solution?
  • Do you want to continuously optimise your supply chain and configure the logistics network?
  • Are you looking for the implementation of a network-spanning performance management?
  • Would you like to develop a common IT-Strategy for the global supply chain?

ADOLOG is the answer to your questions

Key facts:

100% SCOR

Full transparency

Minimal setup costs


What is ADOLOG?

ADOLOG is a Management suite based on the SCOR framework and reference architecture ready to be used in any organisation which strives from more transparency within their logistics processes towards the continuous optimisation of the supply chain and the underpinning sourcing network.

The ADOLOG feature set together with the SCOR reference architecture deliver the most important design principles of a modern supply chain and serve as a stepping stone towards the implementation of a supply chain-wide Sourcing, Quality, Risk, KPI and Technology Management.

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Good Reasons


1 Transparency and communication

2 Standardisation using SCOR

3 Easy to apply design principles

4 Strive for the global optimum

5 Service level definitions

6 KPIs and benchmarking

7 Control parameters for the supply chain

Application scenarios

Transparency in the Supply Chain

Design your inter-organisational supply chain by the use of end-to-end design principles. Break through the deadlock of local optimisation and strive for the improvement of the entire value chain from customer request to customer satisfaction. 

Implementation of the SCOR Model

Align your supply chain to the SCOR reference model and apply best practices and high quality standards instead of inventing the wheel again.

Quality Management Systems

Accelerate your Quality Management System by the use of best practice functionality and publish your processes, responsibilities, documents, risks and controls online without any additional editorial effort. The on-going adaptation has never been so easy.

Facilitate Collaboration Along the Supply Chain

Synchronise your supply chain within your partner network. Facilitate a mature collaboration model and continuously enhance the efficiency at all process interfaces along the supply chain.

Supply Chain Performance

KPIs capture where you are and what you plan to achieve in a future scenario. Whether you strive to improve reliability, responsiveness, costs, agility or asset management, KPIs can easily be defined along the supply chain.

Continuous Improvement

Encourage and promote improvement proposals, initiate actions and control their implementation.

Risk Management

Globalisation and continuous change lead to new risks and issues in the supply chain. Identify and manage risks, define controls and raise all stakeholders’ awareness – all in one tool.


Geographical View

Transform the geographical value stream into Supply Chain Processes and identify the several integration and end points of the value chain.

Process Organisation

Use Process management methods in order to design and analyse your supply chain. Map your processes to the organisation and resources, identify regulations and service levels in order to improve the flow of information and material.

Leverage the SCOR Model

Implement your supply chains aligned to the SCOR industry standard. The library can be imported in the tool and can be used on all levels of the framework. This is stepping stone towards the company’s individual process architecture and detailed supply chains.


"Improving the competitiveness of the industry and striving for future leadership requires innovative approaches that enable lean and agile interorganisational collaboration."

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