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  • Do you want to see all your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) at one glance?
  • Are you able to show the correlation between your business strategy and your day-to-day business?
  • Do you want a clear and easy to use dashboard with all your indicators?
  • Do you want to combine central performance aspects from IT, projects and processes?
  • Are you looking for a fast, easy and attractive IT solution to manage KPIs, objectives and initiatives?

ADOSCORE is the solution for you

Key facts:

100% BSC-oriented

50+ myDashboards

0 data warehouse costs



ADOSCORE is a comprehensive strategy and performance management tool that enables you to transform data from external systems, such as SAP or Microsoft Excel, into focused management dashboards without having the need to first implement central data-warehouses.

It supports the Balanced Scorecard approach as well as SWOT analyses or success factor mappings and enables you to bridge the gap between strategic and operational management by connecting strategic objectives with operational performance results. Its flexibility is based on modelling techniques that allow you to define your business context individually.

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Good Reasons

Why ADOscore

1 100% BSC-oriented

2 Smart and easy

3 Personalised dashboards

4 No Data Warehouse setup required

5 Integrates with ADONIS and ADOIT

6 Business user oriented

7 Flexibility via meta-modelling


Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is recognised as the de-facto standard to put strategy into action. The combination of structured domain oriented procedures, the use of reference models, and the consequent IT-based transformation support, guarantee a successful implementation.

Business Scorecarding & Corporate Performance Management

Sales controlling, corporate governance, benchmarking – to control these approaches individually and in a combined manner, the focus has to lie with different reporting views and media.

Strategy Maps & Communication

Strategy maps translate the company strategy to the day-to-day business. They communicate the clear and coherent vision of central corporate goals and the logical connections necessary to achieve them.

Strategy Assessment

Knowing ones weaknesses, capitalising on ones strengths, taking chances, and minimising the associated risks, is the basis for Strategic Assessment.

Process Performance Management

Evaluate and monitor the performance of your processes. Boost your competitiveness and have your processes contribute to achieve your company’s goals.

IT Performance Management

A defined IT strategy can be used for developing an ITIL-based controlling framework, a Balanced Scorecard, or an IT Performance Management framework to measure Architectures, processes and SLAs (Service Level Agreements).


Communicate and Manage

Attractive dashboards give a clear picture of the current status and trend of your objectives, indicators and initiatives.

Get Any Required Details

Charts, time series, trends and traffic light coding eases the process of identifying target deviations.

Strategy and Performance Design

Model your performance structures: either with full Balanced Scorecard support or via individually defined structures.

Easily Connect

Connect data from external sources: quick, easy and very flexible. Designed to be operated by business users without IT support.


"The BSC outlines the strategy of how we manage and govern the city based on objectives and indicators!"

Mr. Herbert Kronlechner,
Head of Information and Organisation City of Innsbruck

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