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  • Do you want your products of the BOC Management Office always to be up-to-date?
  • Would you like to hand-off the professional administration of your scenario to the tool experts?
  • Do you want free capacities in your IT department to concentrate on their core competencies?
  • Do you expect secure backups and encryptions?
  • Would you like transparency in costs and pay only for what you actually need?

We provide everything you need

Key facts:

ISO 27001-certified
100% secure data storage


What Is the Purpose of BOC Cloud Services?

In many places the products of the BOC Management Office operated on-premise for our clients. BOC Cloud Services now provide our tools also as Software as a Service or Cloud Service.
Purchase or rent your licences and operate your specific installation with all customisation and extension possibilities in our cloud-based infrastructure. Administration and maintenance are undertaken by the BOC Group.
As an alternative it is also possible to obtain highly standardised Cloud Services in the form of ADONIS NP and ADOIT to unbeatable prices. Easy and flexibly add users and scenarios.

BOC Cloud Services combine a secure infrastructure with established processes. The technical infrastructure of an ISO 27001-certified data centre in Switzerland serves as a basis for delivering the service. Multiple firewalls, certificates and safety zones provide optimum protection for the architecture of the BOC Cloud Services. Additional security is guaranteed through SSL connections.
Daily backups on an ISO 27001-certified backup data centre in Germany help to prevent data loss.

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Good Reasons

What Are the Benefits?

1 Start now
Simple start with the software and flexible adaptation to your needs.

2 Everything Under One Roof
Get software, maintenance and operation directly from the Manufacturer.

3 Always Up-To-Date
With BOC Cloud Services the newest releases are directly available.

4 Practical Administration
Minimisation of administrative efforts, the BOC Group administers your backend, if desired.

5 Tailored Scenario
Your operating scenario is tailored precisely for your enterprise’s needs.

6 Cost-effective Service
You only pay for what you actually need. There will be no overhead.

7 Comprehensive Security
Redundant allocation on two independent data centres optimally protects your data.

Why with BOC?

  • We understand your scenarios and operational requirements
  • 20 years of experience in software development, deployment and operation
  • Efficient administration of your scenarios
  • Everything under one roof – tool, operation and support
  • Full cost transparency

Software as a Service

You already have purchased licences for one of the products of the BOC Management Office or you would like to use our products in the future? Through Software as a Service (SaaS) the BOC Group operates the tools for you. You gain access to the newest web technologies and can fully concentrate on your initiative without having to think about rollout, updates or configuration. The basis is constituted by our cloud-based infrastructure.


Whether you want us to operate existing licences, or become a new client. With Software as a Service you enjoy full flexibility, even in customer-specific adaptations of the products.

Contact us!

Are you interested in placing your product in the cloud? Contact us!


This fully web-based process modelling and analysis software truly enables companies to enjoy the benefits of process management in a scalable, effective and sustainable way.


Consolidating the knowledge and best practices gathered in over 5,000 successful client projects has helped shape the roadmap evolution of this best-of-breed web-based BPM tool. This latest version of ADONIS NP combines the process modelling, analysis and collaboration capabilities with features that drive company-wide involvement in process improvement.


BOC Cloud Services are contributing to the online offering of ADONIS NP, featured in the 1-Click Try-Out, the 30-Day Free Trial and the operation of the ADONIS NP Starter Edition for professional use.


Explore our best-of-breed BPM suite through our specialist Cloud Services.


The fully browser-based Enterprise Architecture tool provides means for assuring effortless maintenance of your architecture repository while having robust and powerful reports at your fingertips. Operationalize your EA with ADOIT in a scalable, effective and sustainable way.


Any analysis of an Enterprise Architecture depends heavily on the quality of the underlying repository data. An intuitive and role-based concept that returns tangible value plays a crucial role in inspiring your EA stakeholders to play their part in providing their piece of the puzzle to all parties. Our considerable 20-year track record of delivering projects to more than 1,000 clients worldwide has heavily contributed to transforming the EA suite ADOIT into an essential tool for every enterprise architect.


BOC Cloud Services are contributing to the online offering of ADOIT, featured in the 30-Day Free Trial and the operation of the ADOIT as Software as a Service for professional use.


Discover our next generation EA suite through our specialist Cloud Services.

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