Business Process Management

  • Can you quickly identify your critical end-to-end processes and value-adding activities?
  • Do you optimise cycle times and costs while quality and customer satisfaction remain high?
  • Are your employees involved actively and do you actively manage changes?
  • Are you able to create process documentation and to transparently QA and approve it?
  • Do you want to promote process innovation and continuous improvements?
  • Do you develop IT solutions that optimally support your business processes?

Business processes make the difference

Key facts:

20 years of project expertise
from more than 5.000 projects


What Is Business Process Management?

Business processes are the heart of your organisation. To manage processes means to determine how you create your products and services and how you present them to your clients. Process management defines clear responsibilities for the successful service provision in end-to-end processes.

Successful enterprises continuously manage and improve their business processes. Why? Because it is not only essential to work with efficient and lean processes, but it also presents a number of great advantages: through sustainable business processes you can achieve greater flexibility, for reacting to changing customer requirements and behaviours, you can use your existing resources more efficiently and you can achieve your organisation’s goals in a fast and sustainable way.

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Good Reasons

What Are the Benefits?

1 Efficient, lean processes
Improve the performance and value of your processes and organisation. Reduce waste of resources and stream-line your processes.

2 Single source of truth
Create transparent processes, clear responsibilities and current work instructions in one integrated management system.

3 Agility and change management
Identify necessary changes proactively, plan the best solution and manage its implementation successfully.

4 Effectiveness
Act target-oriented and according to the right values. Make better decisions, handle exceptions and educate your employees.

5 Risk management
Identify and assess risks, define the key controls and continuously assess them to actively manage risks.

6 Continuous improvements
Establishing a BPM culture and implementing a continuous improvement BPMS cycle leads to on-going improvements along the value-chain.

Why with BOC?

  • We understand your professional requirements
  • 20 years of experience in bringing strategy, business and IT successfully together
  • We know how to successfully analyse and optimise processes
  • We live process management
  • Everything under one roof – consultancy and tools
  • Proven Best Practice and experienced consultants

Process Design and Documentation

Define your current (AS-IS) and future (TO-BE) processes and determine organisational responsibilities.


Benefit from a comprehensive and current documentation for your employees that simultaneously serves as a basis for audits and certifications. Furthermore, the process documentation provides you a clear understanding of the “gap” to the target state, as well as the relations between services and products, processes, IT and your organisational structures. To make a long story short: a solid base for future decisions.


Work Instructions

Provide current, comprehensible and target group-oriented work instructions and immediately inform your employees about innovations.


We provide you with the right tools and make sure that you use them in an efficient way. Transparent approvals, automated notifications and online publications of the current work instructions within the Process Portal lead to an efficient maintenance and minimise operating costs. Your employees gain access to a single and central information source (Single Source of Truth) and you ensure that documents and work instructions are directed transparently and efficiently.

Audit and Quality Management

Provide specific and quality-assured information to your employees for helping them fulfil their tasks. In this way, you do not only increase quality and motivation, but you also lay the foundations for fulfilling requirements such as in the form of set written rules or standard operating procedures (SOP).


We support you with reference catalogues and a proven approach for an integrated quality management system that is easy to maintain and to certify. In this way, you are not only perfectly prepared for audits, but you also achieve continuous quality improvements.

Continuous Improvement Management

Nowadays standstill is often synonymous with decline and loss of market shares. The best ideas for progress however are often generated within the own organisation.


Together with your team we help you build a system in which ideas and proposals are supported and honoured and in which you can actively promote improvements. Furthermore, we provide you with the tools and procedure models you need for assessing the ideas, we shape resulting changes and we initiate appropriate measures. One focus lies on communication of changes and support for the successful implementation within the organisation.

Process Analysis and Optimisation

Typical goals of process analyses and optimisations are the improvement of process efficiency, product quality and performance to increase customer and employee satisfaction and to increase the yield through reduced costs and cycle times.


With more than 20 years of experience and a demonstrable track record we support your initiatives for process optimisation. We help you improve quality and efficiency as well as turnover and profits by reducing production waste, costs, lead and processing times. Putting your customers in the centre of all considerations, we build a value chain together that is equally efficient in the processes as well as in the application of your resources.

Technical Implementation of Processes

When technically automating workflows and implementing processes, the systems should follow the established processes and not vice versa. Therefor it is crucial to analyse and optimise existing processes to derive implementation specification from them.


We provide you with methods and tools to get an integrated view on all business-related requirements. Together with your experts we create technical workflows, which are then executed in the chosen execution environment, e.g. SAP, or in any other workflow system. Our comprehensive experience out of numerous projects also includes support in the creation of frameworks for testing and operation as well as support during the roll out of new systems.

Measuring and Controlling Process Performance

A significant part of every management system is evaluation and monitoring of the process performance as well as of the quality of your products, services and processes. Whether as part of the ongoing controlling in the course of the process ownership or for guaranteeing that the processes play their part in achieving the company’s goals.


In the context of measuring process performance, continuous process monitoring is used to minimise set-up times, to keep costs low and to meet quality standards to improve the overall performance. We help you to build a system for regular and objective assessment of the process performance and for operating it. Thereby your process owners are provided with an essential tool to continuously control and improve the process performance.


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