Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Are GRC, process and quality management sufficiently integrated in your organisation?
  • Do you use best practice methods for managing operational risks?
  • Are you aware of your key risks and the efficiency of the initiatives or controls taken?
  • Is your business continuity management based on the operational risk management?

GRC helps to minimise your risks

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What Is Governance, Risk and Compliance?

The risk management is composed of identification, analysis, assessment, monitoring and control of risks. With the use of business process management, risk management obtains various options to face risks permanently. In this way, the risk management itself can be seen as a business process or the business process management can be applied as an initiative for reduction and prevention of risks.

The integration of risk management and business process management is based on the internal control system (ICS), which is the essential link between these two management areas. On the side of the business process management, internal control is a factor of success. It has a positive impact on effectiveness and efficiency of the business processes by reducing or even preventing operational risks. These risks are again an essential component of the risk portfolio, which lies in the management area of the enterprise risk management.

ICS Whitepaper

Good Reasons

What Are the Benefits?

1 Compliance with external and internal requirements
Make sure that, among others, legal frameworks, standards or internal security and work instructions are known and complied with.

2 Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of operational procedures
Use the elements of the internal control system as support for the goal attainment of your business processes in the organisation.

3 Securing company assets
Combat malicious actions to ensure the protection of your company assets.

4 Accuracy and reliability of financial reporting
Transparently guarantee the completeness and accuracy of your reporting to comply with various legal requirements.

Why with BOC?

  • Assistance provided by certified risk managers and compliance officers
  • More than 15 years of experience in implementing integrated GRC systems
  • Implementation through an approved best practice procedure model
  • Everything under one roof – consulting and IT implementation

Establishing the GRC Framework

Deriving from corporate objectives as well as from internal and external requirements, the objectives of the GRC system are defined. Based on this and by means of the GRC life cycle, the organisational framework is created and the technical support is determined. The GRC framework, consisting among others of procedures and role definitions, includes also the integration with further management systems such as e.g. process management or internal control.


We support you with the efficient installation of the framework by using the approved GRC life cycle.

Managing Operational Risks

Based on the defined GRC strategy, the objects of observation such as organisational units, business processes or IT systems are analysed with regard to their operational risks. The assessment, concerning probability of occurrence and impact, results in the categorisation of the single risk in the organisation’s risk portfolio.


Profit from our long-time experience and our industry-specific reference models for operational risks.

Optimising the Internal Control System

In accordance with the risk tolerance level, continuous controls are used for optimising the risk portfolio. This includes definition, conception and implementation of balanced operational controls and monitoring controls as well as the constant assessment of controls with regard to suitability and effectiveness.


We support you with the constant optimisation of your internal control through an initial inventory of the controls and the constant assessments.

Risk Controlling and Reporting

The achievement of optimising the risk portfolio is optimally guaranteed. This happens through constant controlling and re-evaluation of the risk portfolio as well as through the regular assessment of the control initiatives with regard to suitability and effectiveness.


Integrated GRC reports constitute important means of communication and include relevant and current data for various stakeholders such as management, regulatory compliance associations or auditors.


We support you with the definition of a consistent reporting system that provides a current view on your business processes, risks and controls at any time.

Training and Coaching

An important factor for the successful implementation and operation of the GRC system is provided by professional and methodological qualification of the involved roles. With tailored offerings such as professional trainings and individual coaching through experienced and certified consultants, this demand is best possibly satisfied.


Profit from our extensive training programme, in which the practical orientation is of great importance.

Preparation for Certification

It is a big challenge for many enterprises to address regularly recurring audits with a continuous improvement.


The associated preparatory activities can though be beneficial by not only seeing them as a need for passing the audit, but especially as a chance to achieve improvements in the organisation. The certification of the organisation, either of a selected section or the entire enterprise, is a variant, which can be used for continuous improvement of the own organisation and as preparation of audits.


We support you with know-how and the experience of many successful certification projects in various industries.

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