IT Service Management

  • How do you show the value of IT to your business?
  • How do you justify expenditure and requirements for high-quality IT?
  • How do you cope with ever-growing demands while IT budgets remain flat?
  • How do you improve your IT service processes where ITSM tools failed?
  • How do you develop new service models to enable the usage of high-quality cloud solutions?

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What Is IT Service Management

IT organisations are faced with cost pressures as well as increasing business demands for new services and higher service levels. Through new technologies and new delivery models like cloud computing the IT many organizations is steering towards a fundamental change.

Successful IT organisations realize the necessity to improve service quality, demonstrate value to the business, and support new business models. New ways of working lead to a dramatic shift in service delivery.

IT Service Management helps you get a clear picture of the required service portfolio and improve service quality. It helps the business to understand the real value of IT.

Good Reasons

What Are the Benefits?

1 Identify improvement potentials
The IT Health Check enables you to have a closer look at your IT architecture and services and identify areas that may have a negative impact on your business. As a result of the Health Check, you will be provided with an implementation roadmap that shows you the planned changes on a timeline.

2 Make business value transparent
Supply your business with an insight into your services and SLAs. Flip through your service catalogue, add new, value-adding services to your portfolio and keep track of costs and SLAs.

3 Improved service performance
Your new IT service processes based on ITIL will enable your team to overcome silos and deliver service value. Your team members will adapt the necessary skills to operate your IT services, while sticking to your service policies.

4 Get ready for audit
You will only need few hours of preparation to be ready for internal and external audits. With your newly improved processes you will be able to mitigate risks and help your company to comply with current regulations.

5 Clear cloud strategy
Now that you know how your operating model must look like to support cloud initiatives, you can lean back and focus on the migration planning of your mission-critical applications.

Why with BOC?

  • Certified ITIL Experts
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • ADOit for managing service portfolios and setting up your ITIL knowledge base
  • ITIL process library to get you started quickly
  • Unique approach using EAM, ITSM and GRC best practices

IT Health Check – Uncover Improvement Potentials

Our IT Health Check provides you with an independent and holistic view of your IT capabilities and challenges. Together with your team we define where change management efforts are necessary focusing on your organisational structures, IT service portfolio and IT architectures.

As a result, we will provide with you a tangible implementation roadmap.

Service Portfolio Management – Communicate Service Value

The benefits and costs of your IT services are made transparent to your customers. IT's contribution is implicit and difficult to measure, unless you define IT services. A properly defined service catalogue is the right medium to show the effectiveness of IT.

Together with you and your team we define business-aligned, end-to-end IT services at the right level and in a consistent manner. We support you in setting up your service portfolio along with service life cycles and SLAs. This will help enable you and your business partners to make informed decisions aligned to the business.

Our ITIL experts will help establish, adapt and integrate your IT service processes covering Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Process Improvement.

IT Reorganisation – Break Out of Silos

Organisations that pursue end-to-end service management require new skills, governance processes and reporting lines. We support you to set up an organisational structure built around service-aligned teams working seamlessly together in a process-oriented way.

Our ITSM reference library for ADOit will speed up your initiative and ensure compliance with worldwide accepted standards and best practices like ITIL and COBIT.

We help you break out of silos and embrace collaborative culture and processes. 


IT Knowledge Engineering – Improve Your Service Performance

Measure the impact of technology failures on your business and continuously improve your IT services.

The goal is to achieve reliability, availability, supportability and manageability for your mission-critical IT services. We help you define user roles, responsibilities and skills to operate each of your IT services.

Together with you and your team we will set up your individual ITSM knowledge base. Cleary defined policies will be outlined for your employees.


Compliance Management – Ready for Audit

Based on best practice standards like ITIL and COBIT, we help you establish IT governance processes to better manage and monitor your IT processes and risks.

Benefit from improved, standardised processes and process documentations that will help you pass internal and external audits, mitigate risks and comply with current regulations.


Cloud Strategy – Supporting New Business Models

Cloud service providers promise cost savings, speed to market, increased productivity, easier implementation, better global coverage and less administration overheads. But what is not mentioned is that moving to a cloud service model requires a major shift in service delivery.

We support you in setting up your cloud strategy. We will help you understand what mission-critical applications are ready for the cloud, and give you a clear overview on how your operating model needs to evolve to support your cloud strategy.

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