Quality Management

    • Do you want to improve the quality of your processes and organisation in a sustainable way?
    • Are you preparing audits or want to certify the quality management of your company?
    • Are you aware of potentials and weaknesses in your business processes?
    • Do you know the risks endangering the quality of your products and services?
    • Are you looking for support to analyse and optimise your processes?
    • Do you have sufficient tool support for your existing quality management?

      Achieve high quality and excellent processes

      Key facts:

      20 years of QM certification

      100% TQM


      What Is Quality Management?

      Quality Management delivers not only the process documentation needed to comply with internal and external regulations for the products and services of an organisation. QM offers methods and support to improve, optimise and standardise processes. To manage quality also means to steer and control process performance in order to fulfil the strategic QM goals of “product and service quality” as well as “customer satisfaction”.

      For the highest benefit integrate your quality management with your process and risk management into an integrated management system, creating a central and easily maintainable knowledge base for your organisation.

      Good Reasons

      What Are the Benefits?

      1 Efficient and lean processes
      Improve the performance and quality of your processes and organisation. Reduce waste of resources and streamline your processes.

      2 Continuous improvement
      Establishing a QM/BPM culture and implementing a continuous improvement cycle leads to on-going improvements along the value chain.

      3 Managed risks
      Identify and assess risk, define key controls and evaluate them to manage and mitigate risks and improve the quality of your processes.

      4 Effectiveness
      Act target-oriented and according to the right values. Make better decisions, handle exceptions more easily and support your employees with work instructions or standard operating procedures (SOP).

      5 Single source of truth
      Transparent processes, clear responsibilities and up-to-date work instructions in an integrated management system

      Why with BOC?

      • Successful implementation of QM projects
      • Efficient audit preparation and sustainable QM documentation
      • Practical experience for the integration of management systems
      • More than 20 years of experience in quality and process management
      • Everything under one roof – consulting and tool

      Process Design and Documentation

      Define your current (AS-IS) and future (TO-BE) processes and determine organisational responsibilities.


      Benefit from a comprehensive and current documentation for your employees that simultaneously serves as a basis for audits and certifications. Furthermore, the process documentation provides you a clear understanding of the “gap” to the target state, as well as the relations between services and products, processes, IT and your organisational structures. To make a long story short: a solid base for future decisions.

      Quality Handbooks

      Good quality handbooks have to be available to each and every employee in their latest version.  They should be a target group-oriented for all stakeholders in your organisation. In this way you make sure they know and comply with the quality policy of your organisation and the entire organisation can meet its responsibilities regarding quality management.


      Together with you we ensure that the current work instructions are available. The transparency and the approval of the documents, processes and procedures are controlled by a tool and rule-based approval procedure as a means of efficient maintenance and minimised operating costs. In this way, your employees gain access to one single and central information source (Single Source of Truth) and are able to guarantee that documents and working instructions are controlled transparently and efficiently.

      Integrated Management Systems

      We help you use your process documentation within the quality handbooks to integrate further management systems and in this way simply and efficiently being able to prove compliance with additional demands.


      Use your processes as a basis to identify risks and to define adequate controls, to prove compliance with additional standards and to monitor your key figures through measuring points.


      Together with you we make sure that your quality handbooks will not simply gather dust, but instead become part of a dynamic “operating manual”. This supports your entire organisation in finding out how you can successfully render your services, while at the same time achieve high quality and prove compliance or internal controls.

      Continuous Improvement Management

      Nowadays standstill is often synonymous with decline and loss of market shares. The best ideas for progress however are often generated within the own organisation.


      Together with your team we help you build a system in which ideas and proposals are supported and honoured and in which you can actively promote improvements. Furthermore, we provide you with the tools and procedure models you need for assessing the ideas, we shape resulting changes and we initiate appropriate measures. One focus lies on communication of changes and support for the successful implementation within the organisation.

      Process Analysis and Optimisation

      Typical goals of process analyses and optimisations are the improvement of process efficiency, product quality and performance to increase customer and employee satisfaction and to increase the yield through reduced costs and cycle times.


      With more than 20 years of experience and a demonstrable track record we support your initiatives for process optimisation. We help you improve quality and efficiency as well as turnover and profits by reducing production waste, costs, lead and processing times. Putting your customers in the centre of all considerations, we build a value chain together that is equally efficient in the processes as well as in the application of your resources.

      Measuring and Controlling Process Performance

      A significant part of every management system is evaluation and monitoring of the process performance as well as of the quality of your products, services and processes. Whether as part of the ongoing controlling in the course of the process ownership or for guaranteeing that the processes play their part in achieving the company’s goals.


      In the context of measuring process performance, continuous process monitoring is used to minimise set-up times, to keep costs low and to meet quality standards to improve the overall performance. We help you to build a system for regular and objective assessment of the process performance and for operating it. Thereby your process owners are provided with an essential tool to continuously control and improve the process performance.


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