Strategy and Performance Management

  • Are you aware of your company’s strategy?
  • Is it clear and easy to communicate?
  • Do you want to control the dependencies of your objectives in a better way?
  • Do you measure the performance of your objectives, processes or IT?
  • Do you, accordingly, invest in the right strategic topics?

Strategy and Performance Management makes it possible

Key facts:

20 years of strategy implementation
100% BSC-oriented


What Is Strategy and Performance Management?

With a consequent Strategy and Performance Management, it is possible to define and communicate objectives, and to detect, control, and measure dependencies within them. This leads, in addition to a clear strategy, to a transparent structure as well as sustainable performance indicators by means of key figures and initiatives.

Operational complexity is removed and the focus is set on the essential.

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Good Reasons

What Are the Benefits?

1 One transparent target system
Create one coherent and transparent target system, which is split up across all company levels. The objectives are derived directly from the strategy and motivate to regular reviews – of both the strategy and the objectives.

2 Detect and control relations
Objectives do always have dependencies among one another – positive and negative. A real control is only possible through detection and transparency.

3 Multidimensional performance considerations
Financial requirements are essential for business management. However, almost always they represent results only. Control even those objectives and performances which are “suppliers” of the financial results: your sales department, the processes, employees and IT.

4 No silos – objectives, key figures and initiatives at a glance
Objectives can only be sustainable, if they are measured. Nevertheless, measuring already constitutes a consideration of the past, since it is only possible to measure results. For this reason, it is important to measure and control your “inputs”. These are mainly investments and take place during the course of projects. Therefore – integrated – objectives, key figures and initiatives form the core of Strategy and Performance Management.

5 Turn those affected into participants
Waterfall models do not consider the persons involved. Through appropriate methods top-down and bottom-up approaches can be applied in a way that employees become active and convinced participants.

6 Motivation of employees
Motivation is created through understanding, the conviction to be actively involved and the creation of transparency. And this motivation improves the performance – sustainably. This is one of the essential connections needed to establish good Strategy and Performance Management.

Why with BOC?

  • From SWOT and BSC to KPI systems – we know the methods
  • Everything under one roof – professionalism, practical knowledge, and the right technical procedure
  • Operate your management system independently
  • Get rid of your silos

Strategy, Vision and Mission

The focus of the analysis of the initial situation lies on existing strategic information, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks as well as on the development of an appropriate vision, split up into a strategy and accompanied by missions or a code of value.


Balanced Scorecard

Either in conjunction with a strategy definition or building on an existing basis, we develop the balanced scorecard with you. Whether for entire companies, specific areas or hierarchically: the results are clear objectives, cause-effect relations and a follow-up monitoring of key figures. We provide consulting on how to integrate current controlling as well as project management, to avoid redundancies. A seamless integration into the annual controlling cycle as well as organisational and communicative initiatives for the implementation complete our approach.


Performance Management

Whether with a strategic or an operational focus – we develop your individual Performance Management by means of the concrete definition of objectives and challenges. Structural drafts, the integration of different domains like processes, sales department, IT, employees and finances as well as the necessary selection of appropriate measurement parameters and measurement methods are the core of our offering.


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