Commencer une démarche EA – Des conseils clés pour réussir cette démarche

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La gestion de l’Architecture d’Entreprise (EA) repose dans bien plus que dans la mise en ordre de la technologie de l'information. Elle décrit les... Plus

Getting Started with ICS and Risk Management – Key factors for implementing Governance, Risk & Compliance successfully in your organization

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Risk management and ICS constitute important governance functions in an organization and contribute significantly to sustainable... Plus

Quality Management and BPM – Mastering the Challenges of ISO9001:2015

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Quality management whether it follows ISO 9001, EFQM or industry-specific standards, is essential in the majority of companies nowadays. In essence,... Plus

Strategic Process Management – Customer Journeys, Cooperation Models and "Classic" Company Maps

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As part of optimization and digitization projects, we repeatedly see that the focus in the area of processes is either very narrow and / or very... Plus