Group Seminar

ICS/Risk Management Seminar Module A: ICS Foundation


  • Theoretical knowledge and first practical experience in implementation of internal control systems/risk management
  • Know-how about the phases of the ICS life cycle
  • Confident application of best practice methods and working templates


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  • Theoretical essentials on internal control systems (ICS), risk management, governance, risk and compliance
  • Practical implementation of internal control systems and risk management using best practice approaches
  • Elaboration of the phases of the ICS life cycle using a comprehensive case study
  • Use of working templates for ICS management (e.g., risk catalogues, checklists, ICS project handbook, templates for risk analysis, etc.)
  • Experience reports on ICS implementation in insurance, banking, commerce, industry as well as public administration
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date Time Ville langue prix par personne
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020, one day, upon request Englisch 600,-